It is the last thing.
The style changes,
believe it or not, every day.

Every day, the style changes.
And if you haven't
danced in two days...

if you come to a krump session,
we're gonna know.

"What did I miss?"
"You've been slacking off.
Go home."

Once you see the real thing...
you're gonna know
it's the real thing.

You're gonna know.
You're gonna be, like, "That has
to be the real thing...

"because I will never see
anything like this again."

When they dance,
you know it's on.

Especially if you have somebody
that's wildin' out like...

krumping themselves out.
It gets the girls more amped...
to get out there
and handle their business.

Some of us may look gritty.
Some of us may not have
the prettiest smiles.

You know what I'm saying?
But we are krumping.

That's the part
of what makes us krump.

It seems
a little bit aggressive...

but it's a good way
to take out your anger...

when you go through stuff
in your personal life.

But say people have problems...
you know, didn't get this,
didn't get that.

Short on this bill.
Short on that bill.

Just the fact
that you can get krump...

you can channel that anger.
Anything negative that has
happened in your life...

you can channel that
into your dancing...

and you can release that
in a positive way...

because you're releasing it
through art, the art of dance.

This is our ghetto ballet.
This is how
we express ourselves.

This is the only way
we see fit of storytelling.

This is the only way of making
ourselves feel like we belong.

If I know someone is looking
at me, it's gonna be hard.