to show that you ain't
a part of this gang, I will.

I know I'm not
a parent or anything...

but I feel like I have
to be an older mentor...

and a positive role model to
keep him on the right track...

'cause I know
that's all he needs.

I know he looks up to me.
In some ways, I look up to him.

I never tell him that, but I do.
So all we gonna do
is show him more love...

and he'll overcome this.
He needs to be somewhere
with me...

whether his dad likes it or not.
'Cause his dad doesn't even
look like he cares about him.

Krumpness is
the closed chapter...

of your life of hurt,
sorrow, anguish...

that people don't know about.
Kids these days
have a whole set of anxieties.