Maybe he's angry that he's
seen me work all my life.

We seem to be
in a standstill pattern.

Maybe he's angry
that he doesn't have a dad.

He'll say,
"I just never envisioned...

"that dad wouldn't be here."
Hey, mama, look at this.
"Baby, you're gonna give
yourself a heart attack!

"You know you got asthma!
Who taught you that?"

Cartoonz, they was krump.
I got a black eye.
They said it looked beautiful.

Mama, that's part of dancin'.
That's part of my moves. See?
They like it out there.
They krump.
I used to be a dancer for Tommy.
I, too, as he said...
used to be one of
Tommy the Clown's dancers.

I thank Tommy the Clown
for doin' what he did...

and startin' the movement...
but what we do now
is totally different.

"I thank Tommy
for startin' the movement...

"but we do it different now."
No, you might do it
a little retarded, you know.

It became boring,
and it's, like, you need more.

You need more.