Let me alone.
I wanna get krump.
And everybody that got skills,
I want you to go to the front.

If you're not dancing,
please go to the back.

We need hot dancers
in the front.

You look at gangbanging,
it's a competition.

The Crips go against the Bloods.
They wanna be better than
each other, stuff like that.

So by this clown war
being created...

and the BattleZone
being created...

it's like
that same competition...

but it's on the flip side.
Having so many clown groups,
somebody wants to be the best.

You know, somebody
wants to be number one.

Somebody wants to be number 2.
Somebody wants to be noticed.

So that's how Tommy started
the thing called the BattleZone.

You know how battle-dancin'
was back in the days.

I just brought it back.
With makeup.
- BattleZone.
- BattleZone.

It's like fightin',
like getting out your anger...

but on the dance floor,
with creative moves.

We have the little mama match...
where it's little mamas breakin'
it down, showin' skills.

The community
is, like, "Oh, my God."

We got big boy match.
We bring out the big people.
You don't have
to worry about nothin'...

'cause you can do it, too.
These are matches
that we have inside of a ring...

and the crowd, you be the judge.
The crowd judge.
You know, millions watchin'.
I don't care if you get
out there and blink an eye.

You better blink that eye like
you never blinked it before.

You got to show your skills.
To me, when I'm dancin'...
I don't care if the ugliness
come out or not...

'cause I'm dancin'. It's me.
So that's the difference
between me and her.

It's, like, a big difference
between La Niña and Miss Prissy.

When you say La Niña,
I was, like, "Whoa."

When you say Miss Prissy,
you're thinking of, like...

a pretty girl, like...
you know, like that.

You'll see a side of Miss Prissy
you've never seen before.

I'm gonna be the total opposite
of my name...

but that's how it happens.