I'm prissy all day,
but at night...

it's something
totally different.

I never lost before. I don't
know how it feels to lose.

They tellin' the people
that they better than us...

'cause, uh, they're
not with us no more?

We couldn't be centered anymore.
So you, they, them,
made Tommy? No.

Different style of paint.
November 15.
Different style of dance.
At the Great Western Forum,

Different style of everything.
You goes down.
I guarantee you that.
Here's your Oscar now.
Tommy's got krump!
El NiƱo Boy,
you goin' down tonight.

You goin' down. I see you
with your little bodyguards...

but they gonna get beat up, too.
Every time I think
about Larry...

it's like, oh, it's over.
I ain't even started
dancing yet, and it's over.

I want everybody to win.
I want no losses, baby.

Whoever lose...
I repeat: Whoever lose...
is out!
I ain't gonna even
talk about it.

There goes the game! Game over!