They just broke...
broke in my house.

While we was on here
at the BattleZone...

they broke in my house.
They thrashed everything.

You try and work hard
for these people...

but people
are always doin' stuff.

Doin' stuff,
and they doin' this stuff.

It's hard, man!
They can't do that.
They can't do that.

Stand over here, sir.
While I was
winnin' the BattleZone...

I was losing
BattleZone over here.

They came in the house...
broke in the house,
and took everything.

The front door is over there?
No, the front door
and this door.

This is the sliding door...
and there's a door through
that washroom over there.

OK. I'm gonna check this out.
You just have to know that...
because you're doing
something right...

this is happening.
OK? These things happen...
only when people do
something positive. OK?

And, you know,
you're trying to do...

something very good
for the children...

for the kids, and this is
unfortunate, but it is...

Hey, baby.
Hi, daddy.
How you doin'?
Yeah, I feel you.
Th... there.
There you go, daddy.
Something's missing.
My DVD player gone.
Did you dust the front door?
Because that wouldn't...

We dust the whole house, sir.
We dust the whole house.
Don't trip. Forget this...
'cause we fi'n
to get a mansion.

We're gonna have a mansion
with everything we want in it.

They can trash it...
'cause we movin'
to bigger and better things.

Everything happens
for a reason...

and that lets you know
we have to leave.

We have to get out of here.
That's all that is.

They heard you weren't
movin' fast enough.