Rock School

- Uh-huh.
- Soccer.

And martial arts,
and that's really not his thing.

For him, I mean, the guitar is it.
When he started playing guitar,
I asked him what he wanted to be.

He said, "I wanna be a rock star. "
At the time,
he was good enough.

I didn't see any reason why, you know,
I would discourage him from doing that.

C.J. Is gonna make us all
a lot of money.

Couldn't ask for more in a kid.
Soft-spoken, kind, smart,
hardworking, talented.

Not only does he have the talent...
but I've never seen focus
in somebody that age.

Pretty much after every performance,
I could say I try...

I wanna do better than that,
even though that was good.

I want to strive to be perfect.
Yeah, I'm kind of a perfection...

Whenever I do coffeehouses
and stuff like that...

I play, like, Sheryl Crow
and all the folky stuff...

then stuff that I wrote,
which is not always rock.

Because, my voice, actually,
kind of shines with folky things.

You know, like Sheryl Crow
and the Dixie Chicks.

Madi's a pain in my ass, okay?
Madi has all the support... I don't think
that girl was told no once in her life.

Madi's a girl who came to me...
and she walked right in,
in front of a room full of people...

picked up an acoustic guitar
and sang a Sheryl Crow song.

And I was amazed that a teenage girl
would have the courage...

to sing a Sheryl Crow song.
I gasped that she would sing a Sheryl
Crow song. You know what I mean?

If I had to bet on the five kids
who were gonna make it...

in some way I'd say Madi's one.
She's confident.
She's, you know, she has a good look.

She... A little dated, but it works.
She can play guitar.
She can sing.

She could probably make it
without my help.

My concern is, is she gonna
make it as, you know,. Jewel?