Rock School

When I first joined,
I was horrified.

I was like, "What did I join?
What is this? Some cult?"

I think Paul wants us to
think it's fun and serious.

Paul is...
He's like a second dad to me.
It's kind of weird.

He is the best teacher
I've ever had.

And he pushes you.
'Cause he knows what each student thinks.

Like, he knows if you
think you're too good...

or he knows if you don't
think you're good enough.

He, like, always tells me
I suck and stuff.

That kinda gets me to, like,
practice a lot more and stuff.

And he still tells me I suck.
So, he treats you how
you need to be treated...

to get yourself to be the best guitar
player, singer, whatever, that you can be.

God, Paul has been so influential
on my musical taste...

because before we
came into Rock School...

- we were listening to Bush and stuff.
- And 311.

Before, I was into, like, Korn
and Limp Bizkit, and crap like that.

He definitely has that
random thought thing going on...

when he teaches the kids,
but I think they like it.

It's a lovable quirk that
he's mentally disturbed.

He yells and screams.
And I know I don't react
very well to that type of teaching.

I gotta tell you, he scared me to death,
'cause he kept yellin' at people.

The bottom line is, you
can't argue with success.

He's able to bring out things in some of
these kids that, honestly, I don't see.

Yeah, his, definitely, his method is...
He tries to get on the kid's level.
Okay. This is a Vietnam picture
I'm workin' on.

It's about four buddies...
The narrator, Fatty,
Brooklyn, and the Kid.