Roll Bounce

X! Yo, X!
Hey, man, stop playin' around.
For real, man.
You skatin' or what?

- Yeah, let's go.
- Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on.

South Side!
Attention, all you wallflowers...
and all you seat warmers.
This is D.J. Smooth Dee talking...
telling you, get on the floor...
and skate till
you can't skate anymore.

'Cause after today, the Garden
will be closing its doors indefinitely.

And if you don't know
what "indefinitely" means...

you shouldn't be
in here skating anyway.

You should have your ass
in summer school.

I say it with love, people.
I say it with love.

So get up out your seat.
We'll turn this mother-sucker out.
All-skate, people.
This is an all-skate.