San wa

Jake, you must see
there is also a hanging sword
I have seen
I think the writing in the
bottom of the coffin

is a record of his biographical data
...goes abroad on a diplomatic mission
the Qin Empire

his princes led the bejeweled beautiful woman,
to go to........ ??

Qin Huangrang chose a beautiful harem woman
he selected as his imperial concubine,
the woman Qin Huang most liked

on Qin Huangshi's command
he asked an artist to draw a picture of
the imperial concubine

and the Qin Empire day-star gem
will deliver the painting

....the princes and a supernaturally brave
warrior contend in martial arts

they exchange treasured swords
they do not want
are you alright?
what were you doing a moment ago?
I have not seen this kind of ore
I want to bring back studies
I said not to steal anything
I will study it, then I will return it
it almost killed you
As soon as I took it
the sarcophagi fell
the emperor assigns the old man
to paint the imperial concubine

the spring scenes smile intended to
give the emperor joy