San wa

How are you now?
I am much better, thank you
How did I arrive here?
you were injured, unconscious
is lucky the river floated you by here
where is my.....?
your sword? come with me
what is this place?
here is emperors martial arts origins
it is three millenniums old
my uncle, he is the 270th fifth dynasties,
he teaches other people

that is my uncle
heard you on the emperors news
I was sorry extremely I have annoyed very many,
bringing troubles here

you have destroyed the emperor King Sha's spirit coffin
you have also eradicated the emperors
2000 year old superstitions

here the common people for several millenniums come
who did not know how to lead a pious life
they only know to prostrate themselves
and meet the flying apsaras saint monk
they at least learn one lesson today
leading a pious life can only certainly be sure
to gain ground faces upwards to look at
But if you lower your head
the academic societies are humble and honest
young person, I know why you came
this is not an ordinary sword