Saw II

Let the game begin.
- Who is this?
- What did you mean?

- How did you know where to find this?
- That is bullshit.

Do not attempt to use this key
on the door to this room.

- Fuck his rulles.
- Yeah, fuck this. That's a good idea.

- No, no, this is not a good idea.
- So what will gonna do?

- Will sit here?
- The note said not to use the key.

Who does give a shit about the note?
This all is a fucking big bad joke.

And I'm about to end it.
Better start to talk right now.
What is this?

- It's a game.
- Ain't no fucking game.

- His face was just blown out.
- He is testing us.

- Who is testing us?
- Jigsaw.

- Who the hell is Jigsaw?
- Do you read the fucking news?

- No, who is he?
- He is a serial killer.

No, is not. He is testing us.
He wants us to survive this

but we have to play by the fucking rules.
I will ask again,
how does that know all this?

Because I've played before.
The tactics team is coming now
to discover where the video come.