Saw II

- How's going?
- It's stuck in some thing.

- Here, let me try it. Come on!
- Take it easy.

Back up, allright?
If is stuck,
it's a trap.

- Man, the whole house is a trap.
- Somebody doesn't want us in that room.

- Now what?
- I will make it back, ok?

- What else will do?
- We got 3 minutes to get it done.

Hello Xavier, I want to play a game.
The game I want to play is very similar
with what you give that
played as a drug dealer.

The game of offering
hope to the desperate
for a price. I think we can agree

that your situation is desperate.
So I offer you hope.

The price you to pay is that you must
crawl in the same pit

you force yours customers into.
By entering this room,

a timer has been started