and refused Alliance control.
The war was devastating.
But the Alliance's victory
over the Independents...

ensured a safer universe.
And now, everyone
can enjoy the comfort...

and enlightenment
of true civilization.

Why were the Independents
even fighting us?

Why wouldn't they look
to be more civilized?

I hear they're cannibals.
That's only Reavers.

Reavers aren't real.
Full well they are.

I heard they attack settlers
from space...

and kill them,
and wear their skins...

and rape them
for hours and hours...

It's true
that there are dangers
on the outer planets.

So with so many social
and medical advancements...

we can bring
to the Independents...

why would they fight
so hard against us?

We meddle.
People don't like
to be meddled with.

We tell them what to do,
what to think.

Don't run, don't walk.
We're in their homes
and in their heads
and we haven't the right.

We're meddlesome.
River, we're not telling
people what to think...

we're just trying
to show them how.

She's dreaming. Got that?
Off the charts.

Scary monsters.
Let's amp it up.
Delcium, eight drop.

See, most of our best work
is done when they're asleep.

We can monitor and direct
their subconscious...

implant suggestions.
It's a little startling
to see at first,
but results are spectacular.

Especially in this case.
River Tam is our star pupil.

I've heard that.
She'll be ideal
for defense deployment...

even with the side effects.
Tell me about them.
Well, obviously,
she's unstable.

The neural stripping
does tend to fragment...

their own reality matrix.
It manifests as borderline...
What use do we have...

for a psychic
if she's insane?

She's not just a psychic.
Given the right trigger,
this girl is a living weapon.

She has her lucid periods.
We're hoping
to improve upon the...

I'm sorry, sir,
but I have to ask.

Is there a reason
for this inspection?

Am I making you nervous?