Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage

- who were there?Schmorell?
- Maybe, I dont know

I was just there at beginning,
then I went to concern

- Probst brought handbills to Salzburg and Linz?
- No

Hans didn't tell him anything,
cause he has wife and three children

here, you have to tell me the damn truth,
I am asking you.

Who is in?
I totally met them about 10 times.
- what did you talk about?
- about lecture and science

- My impression of Graf is that
he has no interested in politics
- no interested£¬but knew the inside?

I have to say£¬Graf has nothing
to do with the handbills

- how about Schertling?
- Gisela met me several times.

we studied in same university,
and we knew each other before that.

- she is NSDAP
- as your saying£¬Miss Scholl

The member of resist movement is everywhere
in Germany they all look like
have no interested in politics

It is good for your, is't it? Mr Mohr
As our counting,
this so called "white rose"...

bought ten thousand papers in Jan...
and two thousand envelops
- who did that?
- my brother and I

only hundruds of handbills
for the 1st to 4th.

it makes sense.
00:53:53,800 --> 00:53:56,394
But you wish I believe you two

copyed thousands of handills
for the 5 and 6th edition?

- then sent them out?
- we worked on them day and night.