State Property 2

He ate all the chicken, man.
He fucked all the chicken up.
Fucked all the chicken up, huh?
All the chicken.
I guess what they say is true...
shit happen in threes.
'Cause in three months,
our main spot get raided...

one of our top workers
gets robbed...

and what's supposed to be
my fuckin' right-hand man...

is going through some bullshit
with the connect.

You should get his number
and invite him to the party.

They throwin' all kinds
of parties out there, man.

Y'all just livin' it.
I'm in here,
and y'all out there partyin'.

That's what's up, D.
That's what's up, man.
Oh. I need you to do me a favor.
You, Baby Boy...
stop fuckin' partying.
Can you do that?
I can do that.
All right, man.
'Cause, I mean...

I hate to say it, man, but...
I'm proud of y'all, man.
Nah, seriously.
I'm real fuckin' proud
of y'all, man.

Damn! These niggas
out here fuckin' up...

and I'm in here.
Man, I can't be
in this bitch stressin'.

Fuckin' partyin'.
I know what the fuck
I'm gonna do, though.

I'm gonna call my girl Aisha
and get some love.

Thugs need love, too, right?

- Hello?
- This is the operator.

You have a collect call
from Beans.

Will you accept the charges?
Yeah, I'll accept the charges.
Hey, baby. It's Beans.
It's Beans. What's up, Boo?
Beans? Yeah, well,
I don't know any Beans.

Hey, stop fuckin'
playin' with me, man.

Listen here.
I'm not fuckin' playin', OK?

Do I sound like I'm playin'?
I'm not playin' with you.
Aisha, who the fuck
you talkin' to?

Because you said
that you promised...

that you weren't gonna
leave us, that's why.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold the fuck up.

Aisha, you know
who you talkin' to?

I don't give a fuck,
you fuckin' fat, black bitch.

Let me fuckin' tell you...
What the fuck
is you yellin' for?