State Property 2

with a lot of arroz con pollo
in his system.

Figga deal me?
Loco explained the situation
to Baby Boy.

The first thing he had to do...
was pick up a package
that belonged to El Plaga.

That's all he said.
He didn't say who they was
supposed to get it from...

or how they was supposed
to get it.

Only thing he said was that
the package was stashed...

in a bathroom
at this burger joint.

Keep the car running, gun.
You know what to do
if something happen.

- Oh, yeah, I got you.
- A'ight.

The package is
at the burger spot in Philly.

Now, don't take these niggas
for suckers.

Watch your back.
When you get that package,
bring it straight to me.

Do not open it.
Don't fuck with me.

You pull this off...
I'll probably get your boy
back on the street...

and I'll throw you
some real work.

Yo, Rudy.
Yo, Fanlan!
Yeah, yeah. What's up, baby?
Yeah. Can I help you?
Yeah, what's up, man?
What you need?

Yeah. What you got
good back there?

The hamburgers is good.
They're handmade.

You want a hamburger?
All right, give me a burger.
OK. A burger, coming up.
Rudy, you got a bathroom, man?
It's right there.
All right.
Hey, yo,
how about your burger, man?

I'm cool, fam.
Hey, yo, pard, come here.
Let me holler at you.

What the fuck y'all want?
Come here for a minute, dawg.
Fuckin' holler later.