State Property 2

And in
my international quest...

for greatness
and worldwide domination...

you know
I couldn't do it alone...

so I have a lot of ill crews...
set up in
a lot of different places.

Man, pull over.
What the fuck is that?
Now, the Dip Set
ran Harlem for me...

bein' young Juelz Santana...
Jimmy Jones...
He's buggin'.
And the leader of that clique...
And like
any good Harlem crew...

they handled their business
with style and class...

and above all,
they were very subtle.

Close the trunk.
Oh, yeah.
Did I forget to mention...

they had a love
for the color pink?

And my crew up in Brooklyn
was called MOP...

the Mash Out Posse.
And they weren't
very sophisticated...

but they got the job done.
In Chicago, we had
different kind of hustlers.

We had Kanye West
and the Kan-Men.

Now, they did things
with a little more finesse...

you know,
an intellectual approach.

Here in the neighborhood...
we called them
trendy, fashionable thugs.

For a sting on
my international grisly...

and in my quest for greatness
and worldwide domination...

it only makes sense for my arms
to extend to the UK.

I got with a crew called SAS.
They did things the UK way.
Hello? Who's this?
Oh. Oh, yeah, that thing.