State Property 2

Yeah, all right.
Let's go.
Hey! Stop!
What's going on?
Lovely weather we're havin'.
And don't think just anybody
can get under this Umbrella.

Number one, you got to be
a cakeaholic just like me...

always stay on the grisly.

And number two,
don't take any shit.

Always be thorough.
And number three,
I would suggest...

you stay fresh to death
and always pop tag...

because you will get teed.
Yo, cabinet face,
get the fuck out of here.

Look like... look like...
Whoopi Goldberg
tongue kissed him.

Yeah. She had
a seizure yesterday.

Feel like a witch doctor
put a curse on him.

He look like Michael Jackson
got blown up with a Pepsi.

He look like Ziggy Marley's
little brother.

Teddy Pendergrass' bodyguard.
He look like
a Cabbage Patch voodoo doll.

If you front with me
on anything...

never take my light-heartedness
for weakness.

Man, suck my dick.
Don't worry. I can take a joke.
Now you look like
a dead voodoo doll.

So, anyway,
as I said before...

I'm a cakeaholic.
My crew's cakeaholic.
We love to get money,
and we love to have fun.

We don't take no shit,
and it's death before dishonor.

Win by all costs.
Be scared of no one.