State Property 2

And that's the Umbrella.
You're either under it,
or you're gonna get drenched.

No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
Hey, Big Figgitty.
What up, Dame?
You know my man Winky?
He'll knock you the fuck out.
You got to be
out your fucking mind.

I'm 30 and 0
in the fucking street.

So I paid Dame
a visit at his spot...

told him who I was
and who I worked for.

He played it cool, but
I could tell he was interested.

El Pollo Loco.
El Pollo Loco?
El Pollo.
But it's all gravy, dad.

I heard that.
I work with El Plaga.
You figga deal me?

El Plaga?
Yeah, El Plaga.
Old Slithery.
That's a posito
on that jump-off.

I really don't talk business
after 8:00.

Look like you jump off
after 8:00.

Well, I'm with all that,
you fly motherfucker.

Hey, we some fly bum-ass niggas.
I'm going to get with you
another time.

OK, my nigga.
Tell Slithery.
Use your peoples, too.
Some Miami cat Loco...
told me El Plaga could help me
take over Philly.

I told him
I already had Philly.

But then his man came back
the next day...

with an offer
that did sound interesting.

They got something
that belong to El Plaga.

You get it back,
he'll give you other work.

Know what I mean?
There's the address.

So, let me get this straight.
I'm going to send my boys
to pick that up for El Plaga...

and your man going to give us
a hundred of them things...

at 10,000 a clip?
What the fuck I say, card?
Don't open the package.
You just going to let him
stare you down...