State Property 2

Who the fuck, man?!
Yo, I can't believe
this shit, man!

We just got knelt
for the whole 90!

The whole 90, man!
Y'all know
who the fuck it was?!

Who was it?
Them Harlem niggas
work for Dame.

- How you know it was Dame?
- Nigga, how I know...

Y'all see that pink fuckin'
robe flying around there?

Ass whup that nigga!
Yo, man, I'm gonna mur...

We in the hole for 90!
Man, I'm gonna shoot
everybody I see, man.

Cool the fuck out, man.
You know damn well...

we need to holler at Beans
before we do anything.

Holler at Beans?!
Beans got 15 to 30!
Nigga, what the fuck...

We ain't gotta wait
for the nigga to come home.

We can holler at him, see if
word came through the jail.

Came through the...
Motherfucker, nigga is you...

D, you ain't movin'?
You ain't movin', D?!
You ain't... Fuck that!

We in the hole for 90...
You ain't movin'?!

Fuck y'all, nigga!
Get the fuck...

Listen, I got him.
Cool out. I got him.

May I help you?
- Collect.
- And your name?

D-Nice and them
should have known better.

I knew about Baby Boy's stick up
as soon as it happened.

See, when you in here...
you hear everything
that go on in the street.

Sometimes even before
the street know.

What the fi-diddy-duh?
Collect call.
- Collect call?
- Yes, from Beans.

Beans? Hell, no,
I ain't accept no collect call.

I ain't allowed to associate...
with convicted fe-di-delons

Better have my money.
Now I got a beef with Loco...
beef with whoever we robbed...
I still had beef with Dame...
beef inside my crew,
and 90 fuckin' grand missing.

Whoa, slow your roll, fam.
This is Beans' phone.

Damn, my bad, yo.
Tryin' to call
my baby moms, man.

Man, get the fuck
outta here, man.

Yeah, nigga.
Yeah, you know what it is.

Come on, get up on here.
You ain't packin'
that shit, nigga.

Huh? You ain't...
What's that?

You got more money?
Oh, you a baller.

Somebody callin'.
He gettin' robbed right now.

Get your ass...