National Command Authority's
duly impressed.

They've given us the go-ahead
on phase two.

You know what?
You should come to D.C. And make
the presentation to the senators.

That's how Admiral Rickover
got things done.

Admiral. You get my meaning?
No, I'm flattered,
but you do the lobbying.

Politics is for politicians.
- Captain?
- I'll get back to you.

There's Popsicles in the cooler.
- Got any grape?
- Any grape?

I believe there is one left,
and don't lose your dignity.

Oh, thank you.
- All right, take a seat.
- Nice catch.

Talk to me. Where are the holes?
How can we improve?

Come on. I'm not a patient man.
Sorry, I got caught up on
that west wall. I had to pull out...

War is a team sport.
Those AAA sites were thick.
Gave extra time to the SAM sites.

See, that's your answer. There really
was no room for improvement.

Actually, what Lieutenant Wade
did was right.

She took out their communications
and exposed their SAM sites...

:04:58 Henry could lay it down.
- That's what I do.

- I mean, it was perfect.
- "Perfect. " I'll go along with that.

Much as I hate to see that smile
of yours get any smugger.

You blushing?
I've got good news.
Tell us we got a carrier,
skipper, come on.

The USS Abraham Lincoln.
Captain's an old classmate of mine,
Dick Marshfield.

- I believe you two know each other.
- He was the captain I told you about.

- Hell of a pilot in his day.
- He's black too. He's black.

I'm also gonna be expanding
your squadron.

On the carrier, you'll be joined
by a new wingman.

A fourth wingman?
Wait, I thought there were only
three Talons in existence.

What is the problem, Purcell?
You look like you been hit in the gut.

For one, captain, we've been flying
together for a long time and it's good.

And four is an unlucky number.
- Unlucky?
- It's not a prime number.

Prime numbers can only be divided
by one or itself.

Three is prime. The Holy Trinity.
Thesis and antithesis come together
and form the synthesis...

This is not a seminar on metaphysics.
This is the U.S. Navy.