The Interpreter

where just after 10.30 am this morning...
We're OK, boss.
... the violence has now found
its way into the heart of New York City...

- The death toll is 17, with scores injured...
- The obvious speculation about al-Qaeda...

... widely seen as the probable successor
to Edmond Zuwanie...

Tunnels and bridges
will close for at least 12 hours...

... alleged terrorist attack by Ajene Xola...
... Zuwanie is still planning to address
the General Assembly of the UN.

What were you doing on that bus?
Thank you for bringing me home.
I lost a man today. A kid.
- How do you know Kuman?
- I never met him before.

You think that not getting caught in a lie
is the same as the truth!

- I'm not lying. I went to him for help.
- With what?

I can't tell you. Someone might get hurt.
"Someone might get hurt. "
There's a bus full of dead people!

"Someone might get hurt"?
Who? Someone you know?

Someone who's mixed up in all this?
You? Why did you leave Africa?

- I told you.
- No, you didn't. Why did you come here?

- Stop it.
- Goddammit!

- Stop shouting at me!
- Stop lying!

- I'm not lying!
- Stop lying!

I was just on that bus! I can't think
with all this noise. I can't! You have to stop!