The Interpreter

I'm the Silvia whose family you killed.
- What's in your hand?
- It's... Just a precaution.

What's in your hand?
He must've been very surprised.

He thought it was a live round.
- Where is everyone?
- But you knew better.

Give me the live round.
I grew up seeing you with this gun.
It's the gun you saved our country with.

- Drop the gun!
- Put it down!

Keller, US Secret Service.
It's the same one you used to kill it.
- He's got a Glock on his hip.
- Code 100 in the sound room.

Look at it.
Look at it!
- Careful. The bleeder had AIDS.
- There's no way you can prove this.

You'll cop a plea.
You're just an employee, right?

- He's in custody. They're bringing him down.
- SWAT team's at 42nd Street.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah. Where's Zuwanie?

- The safe room. What happened?
- It was a fake.

A piece of theatre to justify the killing.
Ethnic cleansing, genocide.

You there? That's the flight. She's not on it.
I checked every hotel in New York,
her friends.

They don't know where she'd go.
No one knows her.

- I know her.
- OK, where is she?

- She said she was going home.
- I'm going home...

What home?
- How'd you happen to be there after hours?
- An evacuation. I left some things.

It takes too long...
I wouldn't mind if he were gone.

She's here. She's been in that room all night.
How could someone so good, so...