Torremolinos 73

Hello, Doña Isabel!
How is your back?

You owe three months
rent already.

What are you waiting for?
A miracle?

This is an honest community
and if you don't pay...
you're out of here!

Well, the thing is...
You have until Monday.
If not I'll call the police.

This is so good...
How was your day?
Alfredo, your feet stink.
We have to do the powder again,
it doesn't last.
The Seventh Art:
Bogart, Garbo and many more.

"The World of Cinema" encyclopedia
by Montoya Publishers.

Buy the first installment and
get the second one free.
For only 30 pesetas.

Every week at your newsstand.
Installments - for what?
It takes three years to get it all.
And then you need
the cover to bind it,

it's more expensive than if you buy
the complete encyclopedia.

Let's go to bed so we can rest
and tomorrow all of us
can go to work...