Torremolinos 73

and one Super 8 movie
featuring the reproductive
rites and customs

of countries
from around the world.

In Scandinavia,
"The World Audiovisual
Encyclopedia of Reproduction"

has achieved record sales.
Montoya Publishers
will have the honor

of collaborating
in the installments

on Spanish
reproductive customs.

And I want to offer you
a unique opportunity.

Make these educational
Super 8 movies

in your own home
while you copulate,

- and you will be participating...
- What's copulate?

:14:50 this rigorous scientific study.
Of course, this encyclopedia
will only be sold
in Scandinavian countries.

Any questions?
Pardon me... In other words,
you want us
to make the movies

when we are making love
to our wives,

in our homes.
Scientifically speaking, yes.
This is an insult. It's disgusting.
How much per movie?
Fifty thousand pesetas
per movie plus a bonus,

depending on the number
of movies sold.

In other words,
installment sales.

Don't you think my wife and I
are too old
for this kind of experiment?

No, I don't. Every complete
scientific experiment

needs a sample
of the entire active population

of the country. Without...
Count on us, Don Carlos.
Thank you.
Without further delay,

let's welcome our experts...