Torremolinos 73

Erik Molander and his wife Frida.
Erik Molander was
a longtime assistant

to the famous Swedish director,
Ingmar Bergman.

Now he's supervisor
of the collection.

During this weekend
Erik and Frida will teach you

how to make these movies.
We can't leave as
we have no car. Otherwise...

Thank you.
As Queen Elizabeth
"The Catholic" used to say,

"Better honesty without ships
than ships without honesty."

Please, thank you.
The prawns are glorious,
have one.

No thank you.
Carmen, you don't look good.
Maybe it's your outfit,
it makes you look short.

Jose Carlos, look at those
lamb chops. They look great!

Do me a favor.
Let me help you.
Alfredo, don't eat
any more prawns, please.

Can I count on you?
If you want to leave, a bus
in the morning

will take you to Madrid.
But if you decide to take this bus,
your services
will no longer be required

by the Montoya Publishing Family.
Honey, I told you not to eat
so many prawns or you'll get sick.

His first smile.
His first caress.
His first kiss.
His first baby food, Nestun.

Alfredo, how much per movie?
Fifty thousand?

And a bonus...