it's big - very, very big.
Speaking of your boy Rob,
you seen him around?

But have you ever realized
how weird of a word "llama" is?

You don't plan on operating no heavy
machinery anytime soon, do you?

- I'm gonna holler at you, Al.
- Tre, yo. You know I love you, baby.

I love you, big dog.
Back away from the juice.

Don't chat up me, man.
Like, I wanna have your babies.

Come on, Tre.
What'd that basket do to you?

What you doin' out here so early?
I'm here this early every morning.
Damn, Al, you got skills, man.
I'm all day from back here.
Hey, don't tell anybody, though.

I wouldn't wanna tarnish
my towel-boy reputation.

Tell you something, though.
It would be pretty nice to play in a game.
Just for a minute.
That's all it would take.

It doesn't matter now. When my mom
finds out her car got stolen at the party,

she's gonna take her Jimmy Choo
and shove it into my temple till I'm dead.

Your mom's car got jacked at the party?
- Yo, Brooks, I need you.
- Gonna ask her to prom, baby face?

If I wasn't on such
a top-priority case right now,

I'd say, "You so fat
you gotta drink diet water."

Run a search on all the stolen vehicles in
Westbury Heights in the last few months.

"Westbury Heights,
"yellow H2."
- Here it is.
- Thanks.

See, a bunch of cars were reported stolen
in Westbury since September.

All were registered to parents of Westbury
students and stolen on weekend nights.

What happens on weekend nights?
Bubble bath and a half-pint
of Chunky Monkey?