- Take that as yes, I do.
- Now!

- Hey, where are you going?
- Keep it down, mate.

- Got some serious flying ahead.
- Flying, what do you mean flying?

- Flying to where?
- Back to old Trafalgar square, son.

- You're not leaving, you'll break up the team.
- Team? I'm not a team player.

These question aren't why I'm
leaving, but why you're staying?

Why am I staying? Because
it's my duty, it's our duty!

Hold on! Sorry!
Did I miss something?

Did we start this? No.
Did we make those?

All those? I've seen them before, mate.
And this is not a great sight.

The truth is, I'm scared.
Don't tell them that.
Cause I'll deny it.

- Well, I'm scared too.
- Then come with me.

- Just have the square we asked. Come on!
- We didn't make Trafalgar square either.

Where do we go if they start
dropping bombs there?

- No, I'm staying. I'm doing my bit.
- Yeah, luck to you, mate.

Anyway, keep your wings in front of you.
- What's up then?
- What's going on?

It's time for me to fly home, all right?
So I guess this is farewell.

- Wait, where are you going?
- You can't just leave, Bugsy.

Look, I've got urgent
business to take care of.

I better catch the wind
while it's blowing.

Look me up when you get back, kid!
You know where I'll be!