- You're all right, mate?
- Wait a minute now!

That little bell should be over there!
Who was I kidding?
I don't belong here.

I've let everyone down. Folks even
wouldn't be here if it weren't for me.

Folks! There's Valiant! Follow me!
Hey! Lofty! Toughwood!
- Chaps!
- Gutsy! You're alive!

What happened?
Tell us what happened!

Plane exploded. Shoot gave out.
Free fall at 300 feet. Set on fire.
Flew through barbed wire, picked up
some shrap from a straight granade.

Thought I was on the wrong
move. And here we are.

Right! We can dispense
with the chit chat.

I guess the falcons require the message.
- Yes, sir.
- Where's Bugsy?

He sacrificed himself to save me.
The falcons got Bugsy and the message.

- Which way did they go?
- That way.

Oh, no!
Britania rolls way!
Come on, pull yourself
together. Snap out of it!

Come Bugsy, let's find us
the way out of here.

When there's a will, there's a way.
Right. You chaps sit tight.
I'll fly in avoiding the barriers,
clever traps and deadly ambushes.

Then some resistance.
And secure the message.

Absolutely. Gutsy by
name. Gutsy by nature.