Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Lovely food. For rabbits, that is.
As for me, I need something
a bit more cheesy.

Caught red-handed, eh, lad?
I’m sorry, Gromit.
I know you're doing this
for my own good,

but the fact is
I’m just crackers about cheese.

Look, if I must change me ways,
at least let me do it my way.
With technology.
it’s time we tried my latest invention,
the Mind Manipulation-omatic.
it extracts unwanted
thoughts and desires.

I haven't tested it yet,
but it should be perfectly safe.

Just a bit of harmless
brain alteration, that's all.

Anti-Pesto Humane Pest Control.
How might we be of assistance?

Yes. Lady Tottington here
of Tottington Hall.

Your Ladyship.
This is an honor.
it’s a disaster. I have
the most terrible rabbit problem.