Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

The competition's only days away.
You simply have to do something.

Certainly, ma'am. I think we're
about to go up in the world, lad.

Just stay right where you are,
your Ladyship,

and we'll be with you in an...
in an hour? I can't wait an hour.
I have a major infestation.
Hello? Hello?

That's more like it.
Thank goodness you've...
What ho! For you, my love.
Victor. How lovely and... unexpected.
Heard you had a spot of rabbit bother
and toodled on over

to sort the blighters out.
Gosh, that's awfully sweet of you.
But you really needn't bother.
it’s no bother, little boo-boo. it’s
the least a chap can do for his filly.

Don't want pests spoiling
our beautiful manor house, do we?

''Our'' manor house?
No one's mentioned marriage, Victor.
All in good time, my dear.
Vermin first, though, what what.
Come on, Phillip.
We can deal with this humanely.
Very classy.
Just the sort of client
we should be dealing with, eh, lad?

Burrowing bounders!
They must be breeding like...
...well, rabbits.
Only one thing for it, lad.
Victor, hadn't we agreed?
No more thoughtless killing.
Quite right, my dear.
So I’ve thought this one through
very carefully.

it’s off to bunny heaven
for you, big ears.