Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Victor! No!
What the...?
Champion sucker, eh, Gromit?
The BunVac 6000.
This'll impress her Ladyship.
I don't understand.
it should have been a bull's-eye.

Oh, Victor. I felt we'd
made a real breakthrough

with this hunting obsession of yours.
I really thought you'd changed.

I’m sorry, Campanula,
but I am what I am.

There's no nonsense
with Victor Quartermaine.

What you see is what you get.
What the...?
Sounds like a really big brute,
this one.

Give it some more welly.
Maybe I should've
used a bigger nozzle.

Anti-Pesto, you're here.
Your Ladyship.
My darlings!
You're safe.
My word!
What a fabulous job you've done.
And not a single one harmed.

The old BV6000, ma'am.
Capable of 125 RPM.
That's rabbits per minute.

How inspired!
- Mr...?
- Oh, Wallace.

Mr. Wallace.
is this all of them?
Just one left.
Hoist her up, Gromit.