Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Victor, stop fooling around in the dirt
and have a look at this.

The ingenious Anti-Pesto
have completely dealt
with my rabbit problem.

- isn’t it marvelous?
- Marvelous?

This confounded contraption
virtually suffocated me!

Besides, the job's only half done.
How do you intend
to finish these vermin off?

Crush 'em? Liquidize 'em?
- They're humane.
- Humane?

Well, then perhaps they'd be humane
enough to give me back my dignity.

I want...
Toupee, please.
Oh, grand.
We take check or cash.

Toupee, you idiot!
My hair is in your machine.

Oh, no, it's only rabbits in there.
The hare, I think you'll find,
is a much larger mammal.

Out of my way, fool.
I’m sorry, my dear, but I refuse
to suffer any further humiliation

at the hands of these
blundering nitwits.

I therefore bid you good day.
Thank you for ridding me
of a real problem, Mr. Wallace.

Tell me, what exactly will you do
with all these rabbits?

Trade secret.
Yes. I’d be happy to let them roam free
if it wasn't for the competition.

But they do so love their veg.
it’s in their little bunny natures,
and you can't change that, can you?

Or can you?
Why didn't we think of it before, lad?