Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

That's right.
One of you lot. A man.

- This was no man.
- What are you saying?

Does a man have teeth
the size of axe blades?
Or ears like terrible tombstones?
By tampering with nature,
forcing vegetables to swell
far beyond their natural size,

we have brought a terrible judgment
upon ourselves.

Hey! Give over!
You're mental.
And for our sins,
a hideous creature
has been sent to punish us all!

Repent! Repent!
Lest you too, taste the wrath of...
...the Were-Rabbit!
This is terrible!
What's going to happen to us?

- Doomed!
- Who's going to help us?

- What's to become of the show?
- We live for that competition.

- Get off me.
- We're simple folk. it’s all we have.

- Who will save us?
- Get... Hey!

A Were-Rabbit?
Oh, come, come, now.
I do believe the vicar's been
to the communion wine again.

What we are dealing with here
is no supernatural rabbit.

it’s a big fellow, perhaps.
But a mortal creature
of flesh and blood.

A matter easily dealt with
by a hunter.

Guns will not be necessary,
thank you, Victor.

Hasn't there been enough destruction?
I believe the killing
of fluffy creatures

is never justified.
I say we give Anti-Pesto
a second chance.

What? How on earth would
those tiny-minded buffoons