Warm Springs

Look on the bright side,
most of your time
will be spent in the water.

Look, we've fallen
on some hard times...

"Hard times"? This place
should be condemned.

Yes, it's true.
We've seen better days.

But then I imagine
so have you.

I'd be happy to drive you
back to the train station

right now if that's
what you'd like.

- My husband is concerned...
- Fire.

I'm very frightened
of fire.

I can't get out
if I'm upstairs.

Oh... of course.
We have other options.
Ooh, whoa there!
This is one of our
more spacious cottages.

We'll take care of these.
We'll bring everything
inside, Mr. Roosevelt.

Grab that
one first, Pete.

- Come right through.
- Well ventilated at least.

This is the living room.
Kitchen through there.

Where do you want
these at, Mr. Roosevelt?

Well, in the...
is there a bedroom?

Of course, through here.
- In the bedroom. Thank you, Roy.
- You're welcome, sir.

This young man appears
quite competent.

Would you ask him if
he'd like to stay on as my valet?

Why don't you
ask him yourself?