Warm Springs

In 1920, when you were
running for vice-president...

I can't imagine your readers
are interested in ancient history.

Cox and I lost the election
by a wide margin.

Well, it was only
a few years ago, Mr...

You know it's the water's
extra minerals,

plus its warmth that
makes all the difference. At 90°,

I can work my muscles
for hours and not get cold.

As Assistant Secretary
of the Navy during the Great War...

Oh, I forgot one more thing
you need to write down.

Poor circulation is a chronic problem
for people in my condition.

So, you think
it could be a cure?

- I don't know.
- But you're hopeful?

Oh, yes.
Yes I am.

Thank you.
"And therefore a formal

should be composed
in order that we may hear from all
recent delegates

as to how we can
do better in '28

to present
a more united front.

Sincerely, Franklin Roosevelt,"
et cetera.

Very good.
Do you want this out today?

Tomorrow will be fine.
All right.
And would you C.C. That
to Louis, please, Missy?

Certainly, sir.
- Hungry, Mr. Roosevelt?
- Not really.

Who do you write to
every morning?

Different people I knew in politics,
in case they ever want me back.