Welcome to Dongmakgol

We'll fill the storage house.
You can leave the mountain.

No good in staying together, is there?
Cut the funny talk.
You leave!

Why don't you wanna leave?
Take that Yankee down
and you'd get a medal.

Careful on your way, comrade.
Down the mountain, People's Army
must be covering the area.

You three are probably the only commie reds
on this entire mountain.

Allied Forces have landed at Incheon.
They've probably pushed up
to Pyongyang by now.

South of that, nothing but
commie corpses scattered below...

- All red!
- Son of a bitch! Quit your crap!

You're the ones should be careful.
If they've taken Pyongyang...
we're in big trouble.

Sergeant, you believe that shit?
Then what are those jerks doing
in these rough mountains?

It's nonsense.
Don't be taken in by it.

They might've run off from their unit.