Where the Truth Lies

Live, until they drop dead...
... from the beautiful
Carlou Theater...

... in the heart of sunny
Miami Beach, Florida...

... it's the Veterans Day
Polio Telethon!

And now, please
welcome your hosts...

... the beautiful, the talented,
Lanny Morris...

... and Vince Collins!
Do you realize
we have to present ourselves...

...in front of these lovely
people for the next three days?

Hello, lovely people
for the next three days.

- Look at you. You're a disgrace.
- What?

Look, your hair's a mess, your shoes
aren't shined, your shirt's not pressed.

- Look at your tie. It's not even straight.
- Look at yours. It doesn't even clip on.

...I’m upset.
You know what
happens when I get upset.

No, no, no. Please.
Please don't hurt me, Vince.

I've had a terrible day already.
All sorts of bad things have happened.

I don't wanna be hurt again.
- You've been hurt already, have you?
- Been hurt real bad.

And what happened,
pray tell?

- Want me to pray or want me to tell?
- I think you better pray.

- I saw this stranger
- I don't know whether you're...

...singing or speaking.
- Leave my pad