Where the Truth Lies

- One thing I do know...
- And I said, "Baby...

- ... what explanation do you have?"
- There's always a woman involved.

And she said:
- Next time?
- Next time

And I said, "There will be
No next time"

That's what you said last time,
Lanny, and the time before that.

You have to make sure there's no first
time, then there can't be a next time.

Or a last time.
- That was the last time for me
- Let's hope so, Lanny.

Lanny Morris,
ladies and gentlemen.

My manager sent me over
some of your work.

It's funny how you're
really in them a lot.

Whenever I read these
interviews where the writer says:

"This is how I felt the morning
I woke up to meet the pope"...

..."how I felt when the pope greeted
me, how he reminded me...

...so much of my friend Mike"...
...I always think,
"Who the fuck is Mike?"