Where the Truth Lies

What happened to her?
How did she end up
in a hotel room in New Jersey?

Sally never had any problem
moving girls around. Okay?

He had two hotels.
- So Sally arranged it?
- No, I don't think so.

You see, she was brought up there
as a reward for the boys...

...and I think she started
to party just a little too early.

She was a student.
This was a summer job.

Listen to me...
...the Palace Del Sol was very
important to Sally, okay?

He launched his new wing...
...with a push
from Lanny and Vince...

...and this stupid girl
shows up dead.

She's not gonna come back.
We do the best thing for all of us.

We speed up the investigation
and we cremate her. Okay?

End of story.
- Here you are.
- Here's your lobster.

- Enjoy.
- Looks great.

"Sally said, 'I'll have them send you
up your own shipment of lobsters.

You like lobster?"'
We said we did
because we really did.

You shouldn't have done that,
Stanley. I don't eat lobster.

Were there any signs of violence
on her body?

No, no. There were some
small scratches on the torso.

Why did my daughter die?
Did she kill herself?

What had they done to her
that would make her do that?

What had they done?
Once upon a time...
... when terrible things
happened to people...

... they were left as a mystery.