White Noise

you stay the fuck away
from me and my family, you understand?

You stay away.
Number one, they're not dead.
When I see them, they're not dead.
She shows me things that haven't happened.

- Things that haven't happened?
- Right.

Number two, she's showing me things
that are here,

not somewhere else where I can't do anything.
She doesn't show me an earthquake in India
or some bomb in the Middle East,

they're here in this city
where I can maybe do something.

I've seen things that haven't happened yet.
You understand?

I can see how you're putting it together.
Putting it...? Putting it together?
What do you mean?

She wants me to help.
I couldn't help Carol Black.
But I can help them.
- 'Jonathan Rivers' office. '
- Karen, cancel my appointments

- for the next few days.
- 'Are you all right? '

I need a few days.
- 'Take care of yourself. '
- Yeah, I will.