Wolf Creek

We're here.
Thank god.
Wherever here is.
Have plenty of water there if you want it.
Oh thank you. It's one thing we don't have plenty of.
Thank you.

Nothing like rain water from the top end.
Hey Mick, this place is amazing.
Can't believe they just walked out and left all this stuff here.
Plenty of places like this all over the outback. Thousands of them. Places people have forgotten about.
Sposed to be a whole town out there somewhere. Got lost in a 6 month dust storm back in the 40's.
People just walked away.
I heard of blokes getting lost in their own farms.
You know, just never found their way out.
On their own property? It's amazing.
There's one up here that crosses three states right.
Takes 6 days to drive across.
I.. I used to work out there once.
What did you do there?
Head shooter.
You know, clearing vermin. Roo's, horses, pigs, buffalo. You name it.
Don't work there no more.
Yeah yeah, they use poisons, you know, instead of shooters.
Used to.. Used to fly in with the helicopters.
You fly in low over a herd of water buffalo.
Sometimes take out 50 head in an afternoon.
I wore out 5 bolts on a .303 one year!
Pigs, now pigs were different.
You have to get in close. Get the dogs onto them. Then you go in with a knife.
You had to get in under them, you know, while the pig is fighting off the dogs.