Wu ji

Your Majesty!
May I ask where Princess Qingcheng is?

Wuhuan, I thought you wanted my throne
But you only wanted my woman
Need you have gone to such lengths?
Gathering an entire army?
Surrounding the Imperial City?

All you had to do was ask!
Wuhuan, you underestimate me
Did you think
I would choose a woman over my throne?

It is no wonder
that compared to General Guangming

you are always second rate
in the eyes of the people

Don't you have anything new to say?
Did I forget to tell you?
The General is on his way
and will be arriving any minute

Someone told you Guangming is coming?
If he were about to arrive
would I still be sitting here
exchanging pleasantries with you?

I sacrificed my cherished desire
to kill your favorite general myself
and sent the swiftest assassin in the world
Were you hoping to be rescued?
The people's hero is a dead man as we speak!
Let me through!