Wu ji

I never said it was you
All I said was
The Master of the Crimson Armor
would kill the King

I am the Master of the Crimson Armor
Not anymore
You don't have to believe me
but your destiny will not be altered

You are innocent
yet you have been forced to bear
the blame for the King's death

Fate works in mysterious ways
There are more losses to come
and there is nothing you can do to stop them
Soon you will lose even your cherished armor
and be left with nothing

There will be
a new Master of the Crimson Armor

He alone will be the authentic god of war
And he alone will be loved by Qingcheng,
beauty of beauties

When the blossoms of the cherry tree
all have fallen

When sun and moon appear side by side
Qingcheng's true love will come to her
I want to have another wager with you
I say I will retain my armor
And win the love of this Qingcheng!
General, I love your confidence
Such a shame...
Master, it was me who killed the King
Why did you do it?
I saw a man with a sword about to kill a woman
Because of a woman