- Josephine!
- What?

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Yeah, I can tell.
What's with the attitude?
I don't have
an attitude, Brian.

You see Hudson around?
- No, I ain't seen him.
- You haven't seen him.

Well, he punched his clock in,
So he's gotta be around
here somewhere.

I ain't nobody's babysitter.
Yeah, right. Seems like nobody
can find the guy, all right,

and if I find out you guys have been
punching his clock in...

people are gonna get fired,
you know what I mean?

I didn't check him in, Brian.
Yeah, whatever,
get back to work.

And enough of the lip.
Always a sweetheart.
That ain't nothin',
There's this guy around my way
called Tommy the Pole Hugger.
- Pole Hugger, huh?
- Yeah.

Tommy-- why he hug poles?
The motherfucker be hugging poles.
Shit, he be drunk as hell.
Yeah? Drunk?
I think that motherfucker
get high off of everything.

Every day, 2:00...
Every day at 2:00,
you can't miss him.
Here he come, down the street,
Staggering from pole to pole.
You gotta see him, man,
I'm telling you.

He can't even stand up barely,
but he make it from pole to pole,
all the way until he get home.

He'll get home, though?
That's some-- I'm tellin' you,
Some of the funniest shit
you ever saw.

It's funny as hell.
I don't even know how
he do that shit every day.

But shit...
I guess it's better to be
a drunk than to be a pervert.