Tell Papi everything.
What's up?

What's on your mind?
Don't cry, baby.
Don't cry, please.

I saw Brian get killed.
I feel so bad because
I know we had
our problems...

I ran up to him
and I was standing--

I was right in front
of him when it happened.

And I feel so bad.
I mean, the guy playing ball,
I was just watching him

and I saw him get grabbed...
I don't understand why
somebody would do that

to somebody else.
Boo, a lot of people
these days,

they don't know
what they're doing.

They don't know why they do it.
The only thing you can do
is keep being you, you know?

You can't change that.
Try not to cry.
Let's lay down for a minute,
get some rest.
Don't leave the room.
I'm not going anywhere,
baby. Don't worry.

I'll be right here, all right?