Look, I have to find
my husband.

I can't do this by myself.
Husband? He's probably dead,
all right?

Just get out of here
and leave me the hell--

How the hell did you
get out here anyway?

I'm part of a demolition crew.
Look, we were gonna
blow up a building

and all this fucked-up shit
started happening.

Now my husband is missing.
And who the hell are those people?
They seem to know you.

Listen, I don't know
who the hell they are,

all I know is I roll with the tribe.
Wherever they go I go, all right?
We live in abandoned buildings,
old mills,

anywhere until someone kicks us out,
and then we move on.

- Leave me alone.
- Oh great, so you guys are bums.

Where I'm from bums
don't eat people.

Bums? I'm not a bum,
all right?

Different strokes for
different folks, all right?

Whatever you say.
All right, look--
I don't know how
I got out here,

I need to find my husband.
Can you please help me
find my husband?

Listen, your husband
is probably dead, all right?

Just get out of here.
Whatever you do--

call the cops,
call the Navy,

Just leave me the hell alone
and leave me out of it.

But just leave me out of it.
Forget about him?
He's my fucking husband.

You know what, just shut up
and show me the way out of here.

You shut up.
Listen, let's just get
out of here, all right?

I'll show you the way out
but leave me alone after that.

Stupid... stupid, man...
All right, all right, all right,
don't go anywhere else.

Listen, this is what
you're gonna do:

You're gonna go right over there,
where those trees are.

After the trees
you're gonna see a river.

You cross through that river,
there's gonna be a big, tall mountain.
Go over that mountain,
there's gonna be a road,

once you get on that road
you'll see everything you need,

and just leave me the hell alone,
forget all the hell about it.