- What's your name?
- David.

So, what happened?
She was washing the dishes...
...and she turned on
the garbage disposal...

...and there was
something stuck in it.

It was this metal thing.
It wasn't even a knife or a fork.
Some kind of metal thing.
And when she turned it on...
...it shot that metal thing
right up into her face.

Shot it up just like a gun.
Isn't that bad?
It shot it up
right through her eyeball.

- Flight 509.
- 509?

Yes, that's right.
It's from San Diego,
and it will take...

- Hey, dude.
- Fine. And what's the airline?

Mom, listen, I know that.
I know, but...
Please, Mom.
Just listen, okay?

Mom, will you please
just listen?

Please, would you just listen?
I know. I know that, Mom, but...
I want to come home.
Why can't I just
come home now?

Because it scares me here.
I don't know why.
It just does.

No, it's not Ellen.
She's okay.

Yeah, she took me riding.
Yeah, the other day.
No. How can I?
I don't even see him, you know?
He works all day...
...and then when he
gets home, he's tired...

...and all he wants to do
is watch television or something.

Yeah. I know, but...
What is it?
Ellen, look at that.