Volume of gas you had in here...
...and the ignition of that
station wagon turned on...

...this whole place could have
blown sky-high.

Good grief.
Look, I mean...
...what could have caused
this pipe to split like this?

Metal fatigue.
You see that window right there?
Afternoon sun comes
blazing through there...

...right on that spot.
Pipe heats up.
Sun moves on,
it cools back down.

Expansion, contraction.
Just wears the metal out,
till one day...

Anyway, that new pipe ought
to last you another 10, 20 years.

You might think about getting some
Sheetrock on this wall...

...help insulate it.
Yeah, I will.
- Okay, I'll get that main right on.
- Thank you very much.

And then everything will be
just fine again, won't it?

Oh, something happens,
and it almost kills someone...

...and you people come here...
...and you talk about pulses
and metal fatigue...

...and you pull out
some pipe or switch...

...and you say, "Here you are.
Just slap in a new one of these. "

And you don't know
what's happening.

You don't know what's
really happening here, do you?

- Hey, hey.
- Do you?

Ellen, come on. Come on.
Calm down.
Calm down now.

- Bill, what is it?
- Please.

Why is it doing this to us?
What does it want?

Last night, I couldn't sleep.
I just lay in bed, listening.
You know, all the little sounds
there are at night.

The furnace turning on and off,
the refrigerator and...

I heard something else.
Something growing
inside the house.

Getting stronger.
The voice in the wires?
And what do you call all this?
An accident?

Yeah! Yeah!
That's exactly what I call it.
An accident.

I mean, what do you
want me to call it?

You want me to believe that there's
some thing in the house...

...that is trying to kill my son?
Come on. I mean, that is crazy.
Yes. That's what we called him.
Poor Mr. Jordan.
We said he was crazy.